Fiction – Anthologies

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Nonfiction - Book

 Albuquerque In Our Time, 30 Voices, 300 Years, Santa Fe: Museum of New Mexico Press. 2006. Print.

Essays and Articles

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"Saying Goodbye to a Friend," Westward Magazine, Dallas Times-Herald. 10 March, 1985. Print.

Workshops, Readings, Panels

Tucson Festival of Books. “Interviews and Anecdotes.” March, 2009.

Workshops: Santa Fe Community College Writer's Conference, 1996.  Rio Grande School's Young Author's Conference 1995 through present; Volunteer fiction and nonfiction writing, Santa Fe Public Schools, 1992-present.

Readings: Borders Book Festival, Las Cruces, NM, March 1996;  Old Santa Fe Trail Books, Santa Fe, NM, February 16, 1995; winter authors' series sponsored by the Society of the Muse of the Southwest, Taos, NM, February 11, 1994;  Old Santa Fe Trail Bookstore; Santa Fe, NM, March 23, 1993;  Santa Fe Literary Center's Spring Authors' Series, April 15, 1992. 

Panel discussions: "Women Writers of the Southwest," Rocky Mountain Book Festival, Denver, CO; October 1994;  "Landscapes." Old Santa Fe Trail Bookstore;  Santa Fe, NM, February 18, 1993.

 Awards and Scholarships

 Silver Award for Reader Service, the International Regional Magazine Association; 2002. (“Land Trusts of New Mexico.” New Mexico Magazine. October, 2000. Print.)

"Saying Goodbye to a Friend.” Conceptions. The Ohio State University. 1984.  Selected as the best creative essay of the year at The Ohio State University.

Scholarships: Scholarship Recipient, Bread Loaf Writers' Conference, Middlebury, Vermont, August, 1992. (Due to family matters, I could not accept.) Participant in Bread Loaf Writers' Conference, Middlebury, Vermont.  August, 1991; Graduate Fellow, The Ohio State University literary fellowship.  1985-86.